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From: Rye Gewalt 

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Subject: Used Sails
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I have been buying sails from Bacon for years and have always been happy with what I have received from them.  When they say a sail is in good condition, it's in good condition and I can't tell it from almost new.  I am actually frightened to buy a sail that is rated in excellent condition because I'm afraid I might not want to use something so awesome and wonderful on a simple sailboat.

So far I have bought a cruising spinnaker (what fun!), a big old drifter with a foot almost as long as my boat, a main for my short rigged HMS 19 ( a long shot for such a limited production rig )  and a jib  for the '19 --- all were very nice sails and at what I felt was a reasonable price.

The drifter was really old and really cheap and worth the price just as something to play with.  I think it was $60 and I used it in light air on my old Siren for a number of years -- it was made of cotton or some other non-synthetic and had a cut that was older than the hills --- it got lots of comments from the old "salts" who sail around here.  Almost worth the conversational value alone.

Over the winter they had several WWP15 jibs, but they seem to be sold.

I know a little about Bacon.  They are in Annapolis, MD (on the Gods' own sailing water, the Chesapeake Bay) and have been in business for years.  Mrs. Bacon is the owner and widow of Mr. Bacon who started the company.  She is very business like on the phone, but after you get to know her, she's a really nice, helpful, lady.  The rest of the staff are also very friendly and helpful.

At the risk of ranting a bit on my favorite topic, they just don't seem to understand marketing in the '90s and actually have humans answering the phone and put real value on repeat business as compared to a quick profit/sucker game.  They could be more efficient and profitable if they automated and treated the customers like dirt, but they seem to insist on doing business '70s style!

They have a constantly changing inventory of sail which is larger than anything I have seen elsewhere.

You have to call for a list of sails and give them the luff and/or other dimensions and sail type  and they mail out catalog sheets that cover that range of sizes.  This helps them to keep their catalog current without a lot of publishing costs.  They mail the sheets the same day.  A very efficient operation.  I wish they could FAX stuff out, and have an internet list, but they seem most comfortable with this very well worn and efficient process.

They usually ship UPS the same day and I am always amazed at how quickly I get my sails.  They have a nice return process if the sail doesn't fit -- you return the sail and they return your money.

They have a Web page at   but I have not been able to access it this morning so it may be down.  It has information on sail measurement, quality etc. but so far has no actual catalog stuff.
Mail and Phone for Bacon are as follows:
410 263 - 4880
Bacon Sails
POB 1350
116   Legion Ave.
Annapolis, MD

There is also a  company, Leech & Rudiger Sails, out west that has a nice web page with an actual on-line catalog.  I have not bought anything from them, but it looks a lot like a west coast version of Bacon.  They are at    Maybe the west coast potter contingent can contribute something on them.

At the risk of outdoing Judy (Judy we all love ya!), I will stifle myself here. If anybody has more questions, drop me a line as I have opinions on almost any subject and am willing to share them with willing (or captive) listeners :-> .

Hope that this is helpful.

Rye Gewalt
Springfield, VA
90 HMS 19