P19 Kickup Rudder

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Sat, 8 Aug 1998 11:00:03 -0700

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Ok, I now feel I have enough experience with our P19 (and other shallow
draft sailboats in our past) to make the following observation: I think the
whole kickup concept is overrated. As my rudder is near the end of it's
life, I am considering getting the solid (no hinge) replacement from IM. We
have sailed our boat(s) into some very shallow waters (nearly beaching -
though I am loath to actually grind up my gelcoat), tied them off to
driftlogs/rocks/trees on shore, and NEVER have I been tempted to kick the
rudder up. The hassle, plus the loss of stearing makes me more inclined to
just take the damn thing off if neccesary.

Also, I just don't like all that slop while sailing, and extra junk hanging
down in the water. I don't trust it in rough conditions. I once had a
tiller-rudder connection fail in real nasty seas (not on my potter), and it
was a nightmare I will not soon forget! The less things that can fail, the
better in my opinion.

The only situation I can forsee when you would kick up the rudder is
beaching, in which case you have to raise the board as well, and trust the
OB for stearing. In that case, I say just take the rudder out of the
gudgeons and set it in the cockpit.

If I am missing something, or have not thought of a special situation where
the kickup is absolutely desireable, please let me know - I would hate for
some litebulb in my feeble brain to light up after I had already replaced
the rudder with the fixed version.


Tom (leaving for the San Juan Islands and Canada in the Morning)
P19 #352 Windsong