Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:37:04 EDT

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Steve Oliveira & Harry Gordon have been writing about a C-type Potter with a
'Glass Slipper' emblem on the sail. Having consulted the 'oracle' (Bob
Lomas) the conclusion is not definite. It would seem that this is another
instance of a sail from another boat altogether, not even a Potter. Bob's own
Potter carries a gunter sail with a number quite different from its builders'
number. That number, somewhere on the hull, possibly on the transom or in the
cabin, would be much better evidence in regard to Steve's boat. However, if
hull and sail numbers match, there could be another story. The Glass Slipper
emblem is a recognised one but not for Potters as far as we know. I believe it
is a silhouette of a cuban heeled dancing shoe with a buckle. Am I right?
Can we have more about the label on the sail, too?

So, another mystery awaits a solution ........

By the way, we, that is Bob [Dolly Potter], David Morl [Roamer], the Jacksons
from Yorkshire [Hornpipe], John Balmer from Devon [Windbelle], Bob Morrison
from Sussex and Scotland [Pansy] and me in Ursa Minor, will be at an
International Festival of the Sea at Portsmouth this weekend. Should be
around 800 sailing boats plus the Navy. Going to be crowded.

Last big event of the summer. Trafalgar Night, Remembrance Sunday, Last Night
of the Proms and Christmas on the horizon !!!

Bruce Longstaff
Uxbridge GB