"Tampa Convergence" at E.G.Simmons Park October 17th

Tue, 8 Sep 1998 10:39:03 EDT

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Subj: FL Potter Club - Tampa Convergence moved to EGSP
From: SolarFry@aol.com

We visited the proposed locations for our "Tampa Convergence" to be held Oct
16, 17 and 18, 1998. A consensus has been reached and the "Tampa Convergence"
will be held at E.G.Simmons Park (EGSP). We will meet at EGSP Saturday the
17th. at 9AM with a view of being on our sail to Pine Key by 10AM. Several
members have indicated they will be at EGSP by Friday at 7PM.

The Bahia Beach Resort located next to EGSP has been redone and looks and
feels like a new facility. Their Marina is interested in long term rentals and
may not commit to reservations for transients. I believe they will not have
transient slips available due to the fishing tournament.

We visited E.G.Simmons Park (EGSP). EGSP is several hundred yards North of
Bahia Beach Resort (BBR) on the next road up and easily reached in about 5-10
mins... The campsites are accessible from water so you can launch at their
ramp. You then would motor (w keel up) around to your campsite and tie to
mangrove by campsite, or pull the bow into campsite in the openning available
at each site. Your car would be parked in front of you, accessible at all
times. The park has a food and ice concession on premises and since your car
is accessible you can drive out in case of emergency. We all agreed this
would also be a perfect location. We believe campsites 28, 30, 32, 33, 34, 37,
38 & 40 are closest to boat launch and have trees covering the site for shade.
The sites not listed have no trees which could be and advantage if you fear
lightning. There is a pier at 28 or 24. There are Showers, Restrooms,
Pavillions, playgrounds, group shelters etc available. The park ranger claims
reservations not needed as not many people come to this park in October.
Nevertheless we should try to arrive early as reservations are not allowed...

In any FL campgroundRaccoons are a problem. I would recommed you take along
one of those Pepper spray self defense items and spray the raccoons if they
come close. One spray hits one raccoon they will all stay away. DO NOT FEED
THEM or you will encourage them. Raccoons in turn, out of gratitude for being
fed, will chew on the rubber window moldings, tires and sails or any exposed
lines in your boat. Do not take this warning lightly. I have the chewed up
window moldings to prove this. I am going to spray my tires and molding with
the stuff...

The key to handling mosquitoes is to keep the screens closed tightly from one
hour before to one hour after sunset. Same in morning. The second thing is
once the temp drops below 75 they get groggy and are easy to dispose of

NO SEE UM's (mini fleas)
They sell a stuff for the screens called "Screen Proof " locally. I do not
envision these pests as being a problem if the temp at night drops below
75degrees at night. But, be armed against these critters...

If you check a Chart of the area you can see the BBR and EGSP are besides
each other on the map. At either location we will have to motor out about 300
yards before we are free to sail in any direction.

The key is to get together at EGSP on Sat morning and depart for the sail at
10AM or thereabouts.

BBR 1-800-327-2773
single room $ 79 less 10% for AAA ($ 68) + taxes.
double room $ 89 etc.
double with kitchen $ 99 less 10% ($ 90) plus taxes.
Slip is $16 and launching is $ 4

EGSP (813-671-7655)
$ 12.00 per night including electricity and water (per their
Ramp fee included.

We have 6 attendees so the "Tampa Convergence" will be a site to behold as all
those Potters meet and sail out of the Park.