Re: Catalina Island
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 20:39:42 EDT

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<< what is this I here about a Catalina sail? Is it from
around Long Beach. I really want to do that but would like another boat (and
owner) along for the ride. Everyone says I am crazy for thinking about
crossing the channel in such a small boat, but I have the bug! I briefly met
another p15 owner at the launch ramp dock that has sailed to Catalina many
times. >>


I sailed the Hunky Dory (P-15) to Catalina and had a ball. Came back in 25 to
30 mph winds and practically surfed the whole way! I left from Sunset Beach
via Anaheim Bay. Since then I've sailed my HMS-18, the Moby Duck over twice,
just returned last week. A good strategy for going over is to start early in
the morning under power and make for Point Fermin (San Pedro) then as the wind
comes up you can make nearly any part of Catalina in a single tack. There is
good anchorage for a very small boat at Little Gibraltar tucked in on the east
side of the cliff, just inside the rock with the big cleat. Use a stern anchor
and make sure both anchors are well dug in. Rippers cove can be good, too, but
since it is more exposed to the prevailing westerlies it can get a little
rough, two anchors again. Emerald bay and Parsons are also good, and you can
always take a bouy ($13.00/day) Twin Harbors offers some services, a little
store, Ferry service, burgers and ice cream and showers. Snorkling is great
all over the island. Always keep an eye on the weather.

Ralph Aeschliman
HMS-18 #67 Moby Duck
Flagstaff, AZ