Bringing in the Potter

Paul Anstett (
Mon, 5 Oct 1998 20:22:28 -0700 (PDT)

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55 degrees and my son and I are motoring our Potter 19 two miles
across Lake Sallie to the public launching site. Winds were 15-20
mph, yet in our favor. To date, I had never taken SarahSpunda out of
the water...the launching site was where she had entered five months

Rain and much stronger winds were in the forecast, but I felt our
timeliness in the Fall closure was safe for the day. I felt pretty
confident about docking and bringing the boat out of the water, even
though this was to be a new experience.

The eight foot trailer modification I had a friend weld onto the
trailer worked great, but as I reeled the boat onto the trailer the
V-groove on the trailer front was too high and tore out about 4 inches
of molding on the foredeck. I couldn't believe it! The V-groove was
in the same position as when the boat was delivered to me last Spring.

I let the boat back into the water and brought it gently (I thought)
back onto the trailer. There was some resistance, yet I kept winding
the cranking handle. The webbing snapped-broke completely-and the
boat swiftly drifted back into the water.

Okay...I'm a novice. I have wrecked molding, and the trailer cranking
webbing probably should not have snapped. Yet even though I modified
to finally get SarahSpunda out of the water, I truly believe the
process should have been easier.

Mindy Moe, a former Potter owner, came over a few days before to visit
and recollect about her wonderful sailing experiences. I should have
had her direct my Potter exit out of the water. For all new Potter
owners my experience should all the experience that can
be had!

Paul Anstett
#1022 P19

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