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Mon, 1 Feb 1999 10:04:23 EST

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<< Subj: Re: compass selection
Date: 2/1/99 9:50:06 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Mac Davis)

Lost the original message on compass installation, but surmise that someone
asked about it. IMHO, the most workable rig for the P19, assuming you
actually have to steer by compass, is to mount the compass in the space
where the lower of the 2-piece hatchboards go. In that location, a top and
front reading compass such as the Plastimo or Aqua-meter Saturn is visible
from all steering positions that I can envision. With the Plastimo, you can
even rig it to read from inside the cabin. I permanently mounted a Saturn
($50 less than Plastimo) on a bolted in place polyethelene plank that fits
the lower (vertical) companionway opening. Room for a knotmeter, some
switches and a DC plug there too. Topped with 4" teak step, becomes premier
place to stand while raising mast - negating need for either acrobatics or
mast raising tackle. Does require some form of interior step, as it raises
the entrance some 7". Can send diagram to anyone cuious, but will not post
here as attachments seem to bother out server.
Mac Davis, Kelpie, WWP19#804, Aripeka, Fl >>

I have a cockpit hatch (CH) lower tab as you indicate made of 1/4" plywood. I
use it for cups, upright Aquameter standing compass and GPS stand.

How do you hold it so it wont knock out the holding pieces of wood it slides
into when you step on it? I have always had impression if I stepped on it I
would knock out the retaining pieces of wood that hold CH in place. What
width hatch slide-in lower tab did you use? 3/8"?

Curiosity is my middle name... Could you send me sketch?