Is There a Critic in the House?

Forrest Brownell (
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 11:23:35 -0500

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On Saturday afternoon, when the list is usually fairly quiet, I posted a
two-part "cruising guide" to Lake George, a large lake in eastern New
York and a popular destination for boaters of every description.

This two-piece article was in fact an early (and incomplete) draft of a
Destinations piece which will appear on-line later in the year. I was
hoping that it would draw some critical comment. So far I've been
disappointed. I _have_ received two private letters, one from the man
who originally asked for information (John Haley), and one other, a very
flattering note from another list-member.

I'm grateful to both these correspondents, of course. John has shown me
yet again how much better and more gracious a correspondent he is than I
am, and the other letter was a welcome ego-booster. I was, however,
hoping for some criticism. This sort of writing is new to me -- I
usually write book-length reports with titles like _An Inventory of the
Cultural and Historic Resources Located along the Corridor of the
Proposed Upstick Natural Gas Pipeline_. Real page turners, as I'm sure
you can imagine, and about as far removed from writing for a general
audience as it's possible to get.

Of course, silence can be the most pointed form of critical response.
Maybe I've already received my reviews. Still, I'd like to know. Did
anyone other than my two correspondents read all or part of my article?
Did anyone who read them find them potentially helpful? Were any
readers put off by either tone or content? What did I say that should
have been left out? What didn't I say that should have been included?

Or anything else that comes to mind. Anything at all. If anyone read
any part of my article, I'd like to hear from you -- publicly or
privately, as suits your fancy. Speak ... er ... Write your mind. Be
scathing. Be specific. No holds barred, and no hard feelings. I'm
here to learn.


Forrest Brownell
South Colton NY