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> I also chose the Saturn bulkhead compass for about $65. It is one of the few
> that can handle the 20 degree or so inclination of the bulkhead on the P-19.
> It is also a very handsome piece of equipment and has an inclinometer built
> in. It has built in red backlighting for night use.

Web Gang:I have used an Aquameter series Saturn compass on every boat I've owned
that I used for night sailing and related. Their asking prices were in the
neighborhood of what Judy mentioned above, but I always caught them on sale at
Boaters World and normally paid around $50. I can add to Judy's comments in
saying that they are ruggedly constructed and will take quite a pounding.. I
should know.. I had one on the Mac26 I had that nearly came apart.. Several blows
directly to the compass from falling rigging did not bust it or affect how
accurately it read. I also had the same on my P15 and it survived several direct
blows, including another rigging failure. In short, for the money you can't beat
'em and I'll have another on any other boat I get.

Interestingly enough, these compasses were the only ones I've ever had that didn't
have to be swung upon installation. They read true from the get-go. (Of course,
your mounting location plays a great role in that..)

"Sea" ya!

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