Re: Nissan 5 HP
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 01:23:57 EST

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In a message dated 1/31/99 3:40:53 PM Pacific Standard Time, SolarFry writes:

> The new 5HP Honda 4 cycle that I saw on a friends boat shook your teeth
> filling out at any speed below 3,000 RPM.


I am using about a two year old Honda 2.5. It has some vibration and sounds a
little like an old Briggs and Stratton lawn mower, but it is not nearly as
noisy or shakey as my Tohatsu 3.5 was. I have motored with the Tohatsu for
hours and would still have a ringing in my ear after it was shut down. All
the blocks and loose fittings on my boat would vibrate while the motor was
running. I could not listen to my stereo (a small water-resistant boom box)
while motoring. If my cell phone rang while motoring, I would have to shut
down the motor to answer the phone.

None of that is the case with my Honda. I can enjoy the stereo, the boat does
not vibrate and if the phone rings, I can answer it. I do have to throttle
down a bit to talk on the phone, but that's hardly an inconvenience.

I am thrilled with my Honda 2.5. I certainly wouldn't mind having one of the
newer ones with the F-N-R on them, but I've gotten pretty adept at spinning
the motor around for reverse. The biggest problem there is that the throttle
is not reachable when the motor is spun around for backing. The 5 HP may be
an entirely different animal, I don't know. I do know that the 5 HP is
completely water cooled, while the 2.5 HP is air cooled with a water cooled
exhaust. Just with that fact, the 5 should be quieter.

I imagine a twin cylinder would certainly be smoother yet, but since I've
gotten my Honda, I enjoy motoring a whole lot more. I usually do a lot of it,
since our lake is usually glassy and dead calm until the afternoon breezes
pick up.

There's only about seven more week's until Spring!

P-15 Lollipop
N. Lake Tahoe, NV