Re: P14/15 centerboard resting on trailer roller
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:51:52 EST

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A minor, very simple suggestion: On the P-15, at least mine (I have a
Shoreline tilt trailer) I lower the swing keel onto a cross member of the
trailer while trailering which not only reduces stress on the swing keel
rigging, but it also "locks" the boat on the trailer. It is an additional
safety factor. The boat cannot slide off the trailer with the keel on the
cross member. It would hit one of the rollers. I drop the board onto the
trailer and then pull up on the line to add some tension to the lifting line
so that the board cannot vibrate or get jarred loose while trailering. It is
important to remember to lift the board back up when launching.

You will know that you forgot to lift the board upon launching when you back
into the water, disconnect your bow line and find that the boat refuses to
budge off the trailer. On a crowded ramp that is usually an embarrassing
moment. You then have to reattach the bow line, pull the boat up against the
bow stop, jump up in the boat, lift the swing keel, which is probably now
jammed into a trailer cross member, then jump out and again relaunch the
boat--all while trying to give the impression that you always do this little
launch dance on purpose.

Adding a little tension to the line is important. It will prevent the keel
from dropping further than you want and jamming itself into the trailer, or
worse, allowing the keel to come off it's swing pin while trailering.

P-15 Lollipop
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