Re: mast raising system
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 23:16:46 EST

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In a message dated 2/5/99 5:38:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> I've ordered a new P19 and it's due in mid March. (I can hardly wait).
> Based on the one boat that I actually saw and talked to the owner at
> I did not buy the mast raising system. The owner I talked to said it
> necessary, that he just raises it manually, that the mast only weighs 22
> lbs. But from the stuff I've read on this mail list there is conflicting
> information. Was I too quick to skip it? Or is it a good thing?
> Any and all comments welcomed.
> Jim Sinclair
> Portland Or
> (soon to be P19 owner)

Hi Jim,
Congrats on your new P19. I agree with Jerry about the baby stays. They're
insurance against the mast swinging sideways and falling over the side of the

Also, if you got the roller furler, your "mast" will weigh much more than just
the aluminum extrusion does -- and some of that weight is at the end of a 22'
long third-class lever. It'll seem like it weight more than it really does!

The mast on my 1985 P19 is much heavier than the new ones and we have CDI
roller furling, so I can't offer any comment on your mast. I'm a 110 pound
woman (but pretty strong for my size) and I use the winch to raise our mast.
Even still, I still need a few seconds of help from someone right at the

The first few feet are the hardest; since we don't have the gin pole we're at
a mechanical disadvantag. We're considering adding a gin pole so I can raise
the mast safely by myself without hubby's help. Using the winch, I can take
it down by myself with no prob.

Hope this helps with your decision.

Judith Blumhorst, DC
HMS18/P19 Fleet Cap'm, Potters Yachters
1985 WWP-19 #266 "Red Wing"
SF Bay, CA