RE: Invite to Buchannon & Sailing Story

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Tue, 9 Feb 1999 10:53:56 -0600

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[James] snip

The proprietoress told me that the falls are a further 3 miles
this is the location of Colorado Bend state park, the
destination of
the vanishing river tour and the purported location of two
nesting eagles. If I had more time I would have sailed further
to see how long this trip would take.

[James] snip

I have camped at Colorado Bend a few times. The camp is near
the END of the navigable portion of the river. The main falls (Gorman?)
are much further upriver. I spent the better part of a day hiking
upriver, and never got there. A family member went back another time,
and the ranger took everybody up to the falls in a truck (I am not sure
how far they went). There is another mini-fall and swimming hole about
a quarter mile below the state park that is just off the main river in a
tributary. This swimming hole is really the only place to swim at
Colorado Bend State Park, since the shore of the main river is very
muddy at this point. That point in the river would be a GREAT place to
spend the night in a potter. The river is very narrow (read protected),
one side has a shear cliff (about 500 feet?) rising out of the water,
and the other has a narrow meadow where camping is allowed. A potter
could be beached in the muck, or anchored out. I doubt the anchor
holding would be good though. I could swim to the bottom (at the park),
about 15', and it was smooth limestone.

If I ever get a trailer, I will definitely do this overnight

James Fauver
P19 Southern Star
Lake Conroe, Texas