Re: Harbor Freight 350W Gen.
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 18:20:59 EST

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Hi Cyrus WD,
I kept waiting for some P-19 owner to respond to your posting and tell you
that this Potterlist was large enough for everyone, P-14/15s, P-18/19s and
even Potter Wannabes like myself. I guess they are all busy doing Potter

I'm sorry if I upset you in some manner because of my posting about the Harbor
Freight Generator. I also dislike the noise of a generator, and was in my
feeble way trying to get any prospective buyer of a generator, to just take
time to listen to one running three or four feet away! And for 6 to 8 hours?
A battery which tests 12.4 volts will take at least 6 hours of charging at 10
amps to bring it up to full charge! But, sometimes a small generator is a
very handy thing to have!

When not at the lake I spend weeks at a time dry-camping in the desert at the
Big Bend National Park in Texas, or on BLM land near Yuma, AZ. It used to be
a rare site to see a satellite dish on any RV. Now, it seems that 75% or more
RVs have them. Some of the larger houseboats at the lake also have them.
However, a lot of the people have a bank of solar panels and rarely run a

I don't have a satellite dish, but to be completely honest, after 3 or 4 weeks
of being in the desert, I do begin to miss the evening news and a TV program
or two! My view point on a lot of things change after I have been without
them for months at a time.

Bill Nolen