Re: Mast Rake and Mast Bend - Part 1 (WAS potter 19 backstay)
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:26:51 EST

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In a message dated 2/10/99 6:07:22 AM Pacific Standard Time,

> Now if I were sailing in SF Bay I'd probably rig running backstays (or maybe
> I could talk Judy into doing it for me <BG>).

Sorry Ted, JB's Boatyard is booked solid for the next six months. She's got a
major rigging project in progress running all lines aft with deck organizers
and clutches on the P19, then a rebuilt of the JB yacht storage yard to
accomodate the other clients that she's been neglecting (the two present
racing dinghies and a new-used spare hull arriving later this month) , then a
wiring job, then a bilge redesign to correct a weird original design that
can't be emptied, then an interior remodel and refurbish project, and then
finally a strip and refinish bottom job in addition to a few small repair and
replace type quickie jobs.

She is, however, available for consultation for the exorbitant fee of a good
glass of wine, with the caveat that you don't blame her when you go way over
budget or when other people poke fun at you for trying to turn a Potter into a
hig fallutin' damned yacht!
> Now if anyone can figure a really good way to eliminate the compression
> count me in on that retrofit. Judy?

Sorry to say, I don't think you want to go there Ted. That is one of the
basic structural underpinnings of the whole integral system. You can come up
with some cockamamie bracing system, but you'd better be prepared to chase and
repair stress cracks everywhere on the deck and hull for the remainder of the
short and tragic life of your boat. I recommend you invest in a good book on
the Kama Sutra instead.... <grin>
> Gang, this was an attempt at humor in case it wasn't obvious! I am not
> knocking anyone's ideas. I say "whatever floats your boat, so to speak".
> Ted Duke
> WWPs-19
> Mountains of Virginia

BTW Ted, I've never seen a short rig in the flesh, so to speak. Exactly how
tall is the mast and how long is the boom? I would guess that she can't point
as high as a standard rig, a little slower on upwind and reaching legs, but
that she's faster downwind than the standard, tall (high aspect) skinny
fractional rig.

Am I close?

Judy B