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Hello All

While Dennis gets to answer "privately" the individuals that post to the
list what attaching a file does to the list, I will post publicly.

If we look at "I" did this in Microsoft Word and I post it. Then I have to
consider how many users have Microsoft Word. Any Idea?

If I post a graphic then "I" have to consider how many users have a program
that would open the graphic.

If "I" were to consider a 600K file and live in Europe where my connect
time is by the minute then, I would be upset at a user that cost me $2.00+
American for something I can't open (see the items above)

Generally if you have something that other members of the list might be
interested in, then post that "You" have it and let them request it from
you specifically or put it in your personal web site and then give the URL
to find it..

The last item is that all this goes into a digest that ends up in the web
site archives. Mostly what that represents is text of the conversation. The
silly question is where did the graphics or other stuff go? The answer is
that it was ignored!

Any list owner would let you know that common sense and forethought are the
rule. Consideration for others is Important. So if I were sailing and the
idiot that "You" invited for a ride showed up with a thousand pound
sandwich bag with him would I let him on my boat? You decide.....

Some List owners would just remove you quietly. WWPotter has spent a great
deal of time and resources ( human and computer ) to make sure that you
have Fun and get the Information You want.

Yes Dennis, I know and said something to help those understand and
hopefully make your job easier.

Al Reust

Something I Virtually dream of a Complete Web Site <G>rin.. Have Fun
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