Hooray - Midwest Potter Club Sail

john marotzke/Marotzke Inc. (jmarotz@earthlink.net)
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 18:12:50 -0500

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Midwest Potter Sailors:

I just received word from Evans Hollandworth and Tom Grimes that the
Muncie Sailing Club on Prairie Creek Lake near Muncie, IN will host the
Midwest Potter Club Sail again this year. The dates have been set for
May 14 (for those who can come early) , 15, and 16th. I have been
compiling a list over the last year of those interested and will be
sending them the info. Last year we had 9 Potter's from 4 states in
attendance. I had 30 people from 9 states that contacted me saying they
wanted to come, all via e-mail. This web stuff is great.

Please check out http://www.skyenet.net/~groveb/ the web page from last
year. We have to thank Bill Grove for putting it together and hosting
the pages on the web. Thanks Bill, and Mary too.

The whole idea is for Potter owners to get together, to see what other
sailors are doing. We all learned something. I will be doing a complete
walk around on the P-15, from trailer to water and back. Bill Grove will
be doing the same with the P-19 on Saturday. We had quite a few non
Potter people that just came to see our boats, from as far away as IL. I
haven't heard if they bought one. Hope so. :-)

The club has flush toilets, and a place to cook. We all sleep on our
boats. There is a campground near by and motels in Muncie. Saturday
night we have a burger and hot dog dinner and just chat. The cost is
$8.00 per boat for the weekend, $3.00 for launch fee and $5.00 for food.
If you do come bring along a sailing item that we can give away as
prizes. Old sailing books seem to be a hit, maybe you have a anchor, or
other sailing thingy or the like that you can't use and would like to
We do a 50/50 (cost $5.00) cash drawing, then keep drawing tickets for
the prizes that have been donated until they are all gone. Last year
every one got something. Any money left over we give to the club.

That about sums it up. If you have any questions, let us know.

Maxine & John Marotzke
Ortonville, MI
P-15 "Hooray"

PS: Prairie Creek Lake has a 10 mpg speed limit and no PWC'S allowed.
Hooray again.