Genoa tracks on the P19 cabin top
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 14:00:15 EST

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Hi Gang,

In my article on installing Genoa tracks, I wrote:

< Drilling the 1/4" holes went well, but when I went to the 3/8" drill bit,
the top layer of gelcoat and coarse fiberglass shattered and chipped. So I
used a drill rasp to grind the top skin of the hole a little each time and
then used a slightly larger drill bit. >

Since I wrote that article, my friend Brad (who lived aboard his family's boat
for 15 years as a youngster and has worked professionally with fiberglass,
carbon and kevlar laminates) has told me how to avoid chipping the top layer
when you drill. He says you have to use a bit with a very low profile cutting
angle (or just use a very dull bit) and use a slow speed when drilling. He
said it's easier to control the speed with professional tools, but that you
can it pretty well with a good hand drill.

The article is at
<A HREF="">Installing Genoa
Tracks on a Potter 19</A>

Judy B.

PS. Brad was out yesterday to estimate the work involved in removing all the
nasty old bottom paint from Redwing, fairing the hull, restoring all the
gelcoat on the outside, and refinishing the interior. He say's Redwing will
shine like a brand new boat when we're done. He thought the fiberglass and
gelcoat were originally very good quality because it still looks pretty good
and there aren't alot of stress cracks in it.

We start the work next week.