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Mon, 22 Feb 1999 12:44:49 EST

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> I don't think this was the intention of the recent post. This group is one
> of the most diverse, connected and helpful networks of users I have ever
> been associated with and it is important that everyone/anyone who sails a
> Potter know that they, and their opinions, suggestions, ideas, etc., are
> welcome, no matter how simple, over engineered, or ridiculous they sound on
> the surface. All of us on this list, I hope, are there as pure sailors who
> love their boats/sport and whether they are degreed, certified, registered,
> cloned and/or otherwise officially recognized for something
> physical/intellectual or other is immaterial. I propose everyone remove
> titles from their names, and all references to their type/place/status of
> work or position, unless it lends to their being more helpful as a key
> source for good Pottering/sailing information and technical help.
Hi Tiffany and Potter Gang,

I heartily agree that the Potter owners group is one of the most attractive
features of the Potter boats.

However, I hope you won't take offense if I differ with you on one point. I
will continue to use the letters "DC" after my name. I am a sailor *and* a
doctor. I went back to school after age 40 to follow my heart and to become a
doctor. It was a lot of hard work,sacrifice, and I'm proud of my achievement.

I'm here to have fun in life and to help people. Using the letters after my
name is one way to let folks know that they can ask me for assistance if they
want to. Several of my best sailing buddies are also my patients, and I use
their business services as well. We take care of each other in many different
ways, on the ater and off.

Warm regards,
Judy B., DC