Curriculum Vitae (Re: please remove me, really smart, etc.)

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Mon, 22 Feb 1999 18:42:12 -0500

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Let's see, now....

I hold no advanced degree. I am neither a doctor, a lawyer, nor an
Indian chief. I am not, in fact, any sort of licensed professional.

I am not rich -- not even "financially comfy." Call my condition
"uncomfy," if you wish. That's close enough.

I left middle-age behind me some time ago, but I am not yet
sufficiently decayed to be either romantic or fascinating.*

I do not now own a Potter, and I will probably never do so. (They're
wonderful little ships, to be sure, but I fear that neither Potter is
the boat for me.)

I have no interest in outboard motors, solar panels, batteries, genoa
tracks, or gel-coat repairs.

I am only a sometime sailor. My present sailing rig could be described
more-or-less accurately as comprising three sticks, an old tarp, and
some string. Not a Harken block to be seen anywhere, and a big
beaver-tail paddle serves as both lee-board and _steorbord_ (steering

Despite this admittedly long catalog of handicaps, however, a day
seldom passes when I don't find something of interest on the Potter
list. I hope I can be forgiven this small eccentricity.

Forrest Brownell
South Colton NY

* "There's a fascination frantic
In a ruin that's romantic;
Do you think you are sufficiently decayed?"

-- Ko-Ko, Lord High Executioner of Titipu, to Katisha, "an
elderly lady," in Gilbert and Sullivan's _The Mikado_.