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Wed, 24 Feb 1999 17:18:51 -0800

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As I think you already know, I removed my centerboard recently and had it
galvanized. I was pleasantly surprised to find the pivot bolt in excellent
condition. Mine appears to be made from stainless steel and showed no
corrosion and little wear. If there is wear it will most likely be visible
only from the top, since that is where the load is both when sailing and
trailering, right?

Removing the bolt on the P-15 would have been a major project. Both ends
are glassed over and the only access is through the smallish rectangular
openings in the liner, so I was quite relieved to find it in good
condition. How is it sealed on the older boats? My pivot bolt could be
"rattled" relative to the holes in the cb trunk, so I'm assuming there is
no effective seal between the bolt and the fiberglass. Or maybe that should
help explain the bit of water I get in the bilge.....

The evidence of years of use on my boat are substantial wear marks along
the base of the centerboard slot where the board rubs against the boat when
down, I plan to build those areas back up with epoxy putty at some point in
the future.

Stainless steel appears to be a fine material for the bolt. As it is not flexed
significantly, the work hardening that's been discussed in the context of
rigging wouldn't be a concern.

I put some "waterproof" grease in the pivot area of the centerboard when I
re-assembled. Who knows how long it will last, though?

Some sort of a plastic bushing might be nice, but there's not much evidence of
wear and then you would lose the metal-to-metal electrical contact which might
have a negative effect on corrosion resistance.

Lemme know if you need a hand with this project. Since we live so close, I'd be
happy to pop over and help.

Dave Kautz
P-15 #1632 Tilly Lucy
Palo Alto, CA
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Subject: Re: Material for CB Bolt
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Date: 2/24/99 1:52 PM


What material would you recommend for a centerboard pivot bolt on a P14? My
original bolt has lasted about 32 years now, but I'm going to pull the
centerboard soon to take a look at the bolt. I expect it to be pretty well
worn by now. I had thought I would replace it with a stainless bolt, but if
stainless is likely to get brittle, maybe some other material would be
better. From what I can see of the head of the original carriage bolt, it
appears to be galvanized iron.

The centerboard is galvanized, so that should at least provide material
compatibility. The bolt appears to be firmly bonded so may require some
delicate surgery to remove from the wood and fiberglass trunk.

Maybe it should have a Teflon or nylon bushing to minimize wear?


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