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West Wight Potter Website at URL
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You can also use AltaVista discovery to index your H.D. and search with
a browser interface. You can get it from Here's the

AltaVista Discovery 08-24-98

Compaq Computer Corporation

AltaVista Discovery puts the power of the AltaVista search engine right
on your computer. It appears on your desktop as a toolbar that allows
you to perform keyword searches both locally and on the Internet. You
can place the toolbar where you want it -- or have it attach to your
desktop, browser, or both at the top or bottom. You can even set it to
Autohide. Many other options allow you to customize the behavior of the
program. You can have it default to simple or advanced searches
(advanced searches support logical operators such as "not", "and", and
"or"), specify the number of results to return on each page, highlight
matching words, display search results in either an existing or new
browser window, and more. For local searches, you can specify the
drives, folders, and file types to index. A scheduler enables you to set
the frequency of local index updates. When you conduct either a local or
Internet search, the results are displayed AltaVista-style, right in
your default browser. Selecting any local entry in the list launches the
document in its associated program. Once your local drives are properly
indexed, the speed at which AltaVista returns the search results is
truly remarkable. If you're a fan of AltaVista, you're going to love
AltaVista Discovery. It's easy to use, well documented -- and best of
all, it's free. Reviewed on Aug 9 1998.

System Requirements Windows 95, 98, or NT
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