Boom Length for Short Rig

Rye Gewalt (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 05:29:40 -0500

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Ted (Duke);

I wonder if you are going to be near your boat in the near future? I'd
appreciate it if you'd measure the boom length on your boat if you get a
(you do have a short rig?)

As you may recall, my short rigged boat was accidentally refitted with a
boom from a
tall rig by the guy who sold it to me. I finally got the 2" OD .062"
wall tubing
for my new boom. Wow is that aluminum expensive -- $90 with shipping.
Now all I
have to do is move the hardware to the new tubing and cut it to length.
I think the
hardware on the far end should be in the same locations, but I am going
to make a
sketch and send it to you just to make sure.

Damm! I'm down to the short strokes and should have the boat ready to
put in the
water by mid March!! All of the big projects are done and the last
major one is to
finish the quarter berth cushions -- which are coming along fine ---I
may become a
seamstress yet. The new Nissan came from Perelas in a great big box
that impressed
the UPS man and it looks great. Had one hell of a hassle with VA trying
to get
state tags on the trailer which had no serial number and no title.
Still need to
buy a few odds and ends like an anchor and flares and another pair of
life vests,
but I am sure a few hundred dollars (!!?**#) will clear that obstacle.

And I still can't find the hole in the Potter where I am supposed to
pour the money

Rye Gewalt
'90 HMS19