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> I've looked at some navigation software, and even some chartplotters,
> but it all seems way overpriced. However, because Andrea and I are both
> looking for new teaching jobs somewhere south and coastal, I may be able
> to rationalize the expense meaning both cartridges for this trip,
> which Ill probably never use again, and new disks for the area where we
> eventually live. Jeez, I think I just talked myself out of it
> Anyway, Id be interested in some reviews and more info on this type of
> equipment.

Hi John,

One option youshould explore is one of the new generation GPS's which permit
you to upload nautical charts from a CD. The two leading contenders are the
Garmin III+ and the Lowrance Global Map 100 (small screen $300) and 1600
(large screen $?)

All three units have grpahic displays that show things in chart form.
However, with the tiny screen, that is of limited use. On the GM100 the
screen gets cluttered in areas like SF Bay with many bouys

Right my limited knowlege informs me that the Garmin unit at $400 street
price, has a CD that includes some of the nautical chart data on the $99 (or
so) optional CD.

The Lowrance GM100 (at $300 street price) and 1600 include in the package all
the necessary adaptors and a CD ROM of data. The CD rom includes all bodies
of water, all navigation markers, and underwater obstructions. From what I
hear, Lowrance has announced that it is releasing a CD ROM in April, with
Navionics Charts for the whole US.

Both the GArmin and the Lowarnce units have good inexpensive shareware
available for linking with a laptop

For a really good site on GPS, visit

<A HREF="">GPS Information, Software, and Hardware

Judy B