Bass fishin' a P-19

J.J.Falkanger (
28 Feb 1999 09:43:18 -0800

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Howdy Potterers!

I was wondering if any of you do any lake fishing on your Potters. I like to bass fish, but not enough to incur the wrath/expense of a second boat.

Yesterday, I borrowed a small Minn-Kota trolling motor, and headed out to gather some opinions. Rather than take the outboard off, I put a piece of 5" wide board through the transom ladder, and put the trolling motor on the end (the motor ends up off the side of the boat). Once I got used to it (the motor I borrowed was a 30" shaft, which meant the control was lower than the top of the boat), it seemed pretty easy to "troll around backwards" and fish out of the cockpit, even in the wind. Aside from not being able to cast in all directions, it worked well--I even caught 2 trees, but no fish!

Does anyone else fish off their Potter? I was thinking of building a platform across the seats, since I tend to stand on the seat when fishing anyway (maybe I could throw a folding chair up there). Has anyone done this? It seems it would be handy for sleeping outside as well (I'm short!). Any other thoughts on mounting a trolling motor IN ADDITION TO an outboard? What I did worked fine, although I like many ideas to consider.

I'm looking forward to yet another excuse to take the boat out this summer. This takes "no wind" off the list, leaving only family and football on (I took work off the list long ago, though my boss doesn't know yet!).

Thanks in advance,

J.J. Falkanger
Cary, NC
P-19 #792 "Fozzguppy"

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