Request to all hands, Potter list

Dennis W. Farrell (
Mon, 3 May 1999 15:55:36 -0700

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Please read the w-h-o-l-e thing, even though it's long. The procedural
items below are not my personal request - they're simply the way the mailing
list software is set up to work.
Please do not address mail to any of the following addresses. Doing so will
generally result in your mail not being posted to the list, or making it
difficult to retrieve from the archives this address is *only* for
subscribing/unsubscribing to the individual distribution list this address is *only* for
subscribing/unsubscribing to the digest distribution list this is a "bad" address which will generally
subscribe/unsubscribe you from the digest
Please do not use addresses such as
Re: wwpotter-d Digest V88 #204 or Fw: wwpotter-d Digest V88 #204
These sometimes work, sometimes don't work (i.e., I'm the only one who gets
to see your post !!) These generally happen when someone wants to post to
the list about something they saw in the digest and simply hits "Reply to
Author" or "Reply to All". This puts these incorrect addresses in the "To:"
line. To avoid this problem,
1) don't "Reply" to the digest, and
2) take just a moment and read the address line of things you are sending to
be posted.

When you post or "reply" to both the list and an individual, what you've
done is insure that the individual gets TWO copies. Example:

To:; or

insures that I'll get two copies. Again, take just a minute and see if the
way you've addressed an item makes sense, remembering that everyone on the
list automatically gets a copy.

Perhaps I'm beating it to death, but here's an actual example that came
across my screen recently (names changed)
From: William Potter
Date: (recent)
To: jim@world'sgreatestinternet
Subject: Re: Fw: wwpotter-d Digest V12 #3456

To post something to the Potter Mailing list, address it to
and identify what you're really talking about in the subject line.
Please don't use HTML to post notes to the list. HTML adds considerable
length to your notes, and can cause problems for some folks who don't have
the latest and greatest in browsers.
When you post a note to the list, watch for a copy to come back to you from
the list to confirm that it got posted.
Don't get upset about spam. We're doing what we can to insulate the list
from those folks, but it isn't foolproof. When it happens, please, please
don't post your objections to the list or to me - there is nothing the list
members can do. They're not responsible for it. There's darned little I
can do. I'm not responsible for it
I would suggest you not reply to the sender to be removed from the spammers
list. That gives him/her a bona fide address to work with, rather than just
the general list. He/she now has validated both the list address and your
personal address.
If you have any problems in using the list, please contact me directly at
and I can probably help - and usually with fairly quick response.
I will note that I've had one (and only one) case recently of an individual
coming on pretty strong about the list not working right. This tends to
drop down my priority list - and besides, he was causing the problem
All that said, this is a pretty good group of helpful, inquisitive,
courteous people who go out of their way to help others. In case no one has
noticed, it's been a long while since we had to put up with any internal
flame wars.

Regards to all of you -- dwf (Potter Mailing List maintainer)