Estuary Sail and Sail Expo Visit this Sunday
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:02:59 -0700

Things are coming together for an outing on Sunday in the Estuary. Plans as
of now have "Tilly Lucy" and "Riptide" launching from the Grand St. ramp in
Alameda at about 10:00. We'll sail until about 1:30, retrieve, have lunch
somewhere and then spend a couple hours at the sailboat show.

Personally, I had a good time at the Expo last year. Most of the boats in
the water are quite large but they are nice to dream about. The smaller
craft are in the tents. There are lots of booths promoting/selling parts
and accessories. I'm hoping to check out the new Honda 2hp 4 stroke.

Wear sandals or "slip-on" shoes. You need to be shoeless to board most of
the boats.

So come on out and have some fun on Sunday! Everybody is welcome

Dave Kautz
P-15 #1632 Tilly Lucy
Palo Alto, CA