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Hello All

Sorry for the intrusion, it has come to our attention that an individual
was removed from the mailing list and did not understand the reasoning as
to why the computer did it. This presumes that they were not removed for
reasons that were violation of list policy. This is normally re-stated
several times a year as we all forget.

The WWPotter list master reserves the right to remove any individual for
cause without notice!

Currently the List is set to:

If the message bounces twice, it removes you. No it does not send

Some ask why. The way the mail system works is. The mail server contacts
the mail server where you live. When a connection is established, it asks
to see if your user name is real. If it is real, it then delivers the
message. Simple!

If there is a problem contacting the receiving mail server, the mail system
tries for up to 5 days to deliver mail before throwing it into the dead
letter box. In fact it tries every five minutes for 5 days.

Now the Problem:

Our system will try every five minutes to see if it can get mail to you.
That means 12 times an hour or 288 a day or 1440 times before it
discards the message. Now what happens if 10 Potter owners are out sailing
for a week and can't contacted or severe network congestion?

If we assume a small number like only 10 WWPotter message were sent to the
list every day.

10 Users - that can't be contacted.
10 Messages - day
12 times/hour - retry

Means the mail sever could be creating a connection 1200 times an hour to
find out they can't deliver that message but the user is real. At the end
of day two that could be 2400/hour. The end of the third day that would be
3600/hour. Then talk about the some of the network congestion that happens
and what could be causing it..

Sanity takes over

The system is programmed so that:

* You moved and your ISP removed your account - 2 bounces and the name is

* In the case the incorrect email address - 2 bounces and its removed.

* The User's - Mail Box that is FULL - is treated in a similar manner to
incorrect or missing user names. This the most common reason and the Mail -
Its still undeliverable.

*** No Removal Notices Sent - there is no place to send it. ***

What you can do to make sure that you do not fall victim:

* Education (that is why I'm writing this).

* Make sure that old mail is not hanging around on your mail server
(systems like AOL will let is stack up to the limit and then refuse mail
with the message the mailbox is full). Thus you get removed.

* If the email is old and dead remove it or make sure that there is a way
to archive what you want to keep on Your Computer and it is Not on a Mail

* Make sure that you do not send attachments that are added to what is
being sent ( fills up mailboxes in a hurry ). This also includes Your
favorite Picture of your last trip or the little address cards that mail
programs are now sending. Turn them off - a list serve does not care. If
you have an important picture there are ways to get it to the individual
that wants it or up to the Web Site.

* Make sure that you do not send HTML (web pages) messages - Not all mail
programs on the internet receive and decode them properly.

If you have questions about how much mail you can store in your mail box,
ask your ISP, server administrator or tech support.

If you are going on Vacation and Could end up with a full mail box please
take a moment to un subscribe from the list, And then subscribe to the
wwpotter-d digest, this will allow you to receive a single message / day
that is somewhat more compact.

Al Reust

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