Mon, 10 May 1999 12:33:16 EDT

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West Wight Potter Website at URL
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I saw your posting on the Potter web. I sailed Lake Powell in the fall and
have an entire folder on it. If you want, I will send this to you.
Navigation is important there. I was amazed at the poor quality of maps
available on site. I would get USGS maps before I went. I think that a GPS
would be very helpful. The numerous canyons (all of which have branches) can
be very confusing. You will be required to have a portable potty. They
actually have toilets on floating islands in certain places. It is hard to
find good places to anchor due to the fact that there a lot of vertical rock
canyon walls. I would use the maps to find sand beaches to spend the night
at, and would plan these ahead of time. In my opinion, the only place to
launch from is Bullfrog Bay. Be sure you take everything you need, you will
be in the middle of nowhere after you leave the marina. Houseboats and jet
skiis run rampant. You will experience lots of wakes. The Lake is huge and
beautiful. Have a great time. Let me know if you want the folder or if I
can help in any other way. Take a lot of gas for the motor, the back canyons
are winding, narrow and windless.

Chris Heidrich
P15 2153 Tetra
Aurora, CO