New Potter Trotter!

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Mon, 10 May 1999 13:12:27 -0700 (PDT)

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Hey, the ad on the potter bulletin board really worked! I bought a p-15 on
friday from Jeff in SAlem Oregon, just up the road from me here in Eugene.
this boat was originally won as a prize on the Price is Right tv show and
not used, donated to ucla, not used, then two owners then me. we have it
moored on Fern Ridge Reservoir out by the Eugene Airport where the winds
always blow and you can see the mountains all around and ride the local
bus out there! We christen the boat VEGAN LORAX as in VEgan (no animal
products please) and Lorax as in Dr. Seuss. It is yellow and white hull,
yellow and white sails, just so pretty i found out about these boats from
the micro budget book by larry brown but in person it is just amazing how
pretty the boat is, just bobbing like a cork on the water with the transom
and bow out of the water. I'm hooked and (whew!) so is my wife!

anybody got any advice on how to rig electrical/lighting? it'd be nice for
the sunset/evening sailing which is lovely here.

also, the boat came with oars (which had never been snapped together
before!!!). it also has a railing around the cockpit and it does have
oarlocks. can you actually row with the railings in place? i haven't tried
yet but tomorrow i can go out again and give it a whack. but maybe if my
afternoon music student cancels i'll go out today and try. Damn, i can't
stay away from this boat! i don't sleep. i just picture it bobbing along.


Ken Silverman, #1342, "Vegan Lorax"