RE: Minn Kota - weight distribution

Eric Johnson (
Thu, 13 May 1999 14:44:17 -0700

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> Maximum sustainable speed with Minn Kota Endura 50 is
> 4.0 mph. Moving all weight to bow area made an effective
> speed increase of 1/2 mph (to 4.5 mph). When racing you
> should sit in bow of sailboat to maximize speed. Lift that stern!

That coincides with my own observations and that of several other potterers
with whom I have discussed performance tuning of the P19. Something about
getting the stern up sure seems to help. I suspect it has something to do
giving the water a 'smoother' exit from the stern, whereas a sudden right
angle at slow speeds at the stern must creates a big suction effect. Maybe
we also get a slight bit more waterline with the bow deeper forward.

I've been trying to figure out way to get the weight forward without simply
adding more weight overall. This season I will probably move my battery and
anchor further forward. I'd like to hear other bright ideas. Maybe I should
just diet more! Or teach my dogs to ride high and forward. :) I think I will
move my gas tank forward while racing. Or do without a motor altogether when

I've noticed when racing that if my crew is a 100lb lady, we seem to do
better than if its one or two of my 220lb buddies. But that might have more
to do with their relative intelligence, or my desire to impress, than their

I'm going to experiment a lot this year with keeping weight down, within
reasonable safety limits. I think it will improve my light air sailing. I
thought an ultra-light-weight (i.e. floating) rudder would help pop the rear
end up, but I fear floatation that deep would negatively affect stability.