Great Sail today!

Ted Duke (
Sat, 15 May 1999 23:41:38 -0400

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Finally got on the water with the Potter, first time this
year. Got off to a late start and didn't arrive at Smith
Mountain Lake until about 4:00 PM and had to do "first
sail of year" rigging and launching. Sailing by 5:00 PM.
Sailed down lake (on a reach) under mainsail alone for a
few minutes and then raised the lapper and sailed up lake
(downwind on a reach) for about an hour. Turned around
and sailed on one tack all the way back. Just about the
time I was going to turn into the inlet and douse the
sails, all of a sudden the jib fell into the water. I
could say something broke, but actually I guess I didn't
tie a proper knot in the halyard.

An interesting minute or two. After I recovered the
lapper I doused the main as we were near the marina and I
wanted to arrange a slip before they closed.

Uneventful except for that. Great sail. I estimated 10
to 15 mph winds with gusts maybe up to 20mph. Just
checked on:
and it said at 17:54 PM (That's 5:54 PM for landlubbers)
winds at Lynchburg Airport were 13.8 mph and gusts to

Great sailing weather, temperature in mid-sixtys. Went
fast enough to make me happy and kept the boat flat enough
to keep Helen happy. Helen's sister was with us and she
said it was a better sail than day we sailed on Pamlico
Sound and not as scary as when we ran aground there. But
then that's another story.

After we got back to the slip we had to lower the mast to
replace the jib halyard and by the time we finished and
got tied up securely the jib was dry enough to stow until
tomorrow. Going to try again tomorrow and see if the wind
is still around. Forecast 10 to 15 mph tomorrow with temp
around 80.


Ted Duke
WWPs19 #626
Mountains of Virginia