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Hi gang!

This is going out in response to a recent inquiry by K. Miller. I want to
post it here on the group site, because I think it should have some general
interest. Believe it or not there are a significant number of Potters here.
Lake sailing in the shadow of the mightiest mountain range in N. America
requires keeping a sharp eye on the horizon for incoming weather and a quick
hand on the main sheet. Weather here is extremely fickle. Spring weather
conditions in particular can go from peaceful to violent rapidly (thunder
storms and hail are common). Storms will not last long and it will turn
beautiful again as fast as it turned ugly. On the contrary, sometimes it can
be warm enough to be sailing weather even in winter (if the lake is not
frozen, the water will be frigid, but there won't be any water skiiers). The
scenery is gorgeous, the weather is usally sunny and warm in spring, summer,
and fall (yes, it did snow today). Sailing locations here fall into two
general categories which we will look at one at a time:

a. In Denver and along the front range. I highly recommend referring to the
state parks web site at "www.dnr.state.co.us/parks/". Most of the places
listed here belong to them:

Chatfield Resevoir: Located in SW Denver. Has campground and two different
launch sites. Has a marina. Lots of motor
boats, jet skis, etc.
Also lots of sailboats. Great bike trails for
kids, close to
mountains. Busy on weekends.

Cherry Creek Reservoir: Located in SE Denver. Similar to Chatfield in size
accomodations. Also has marina, campground and
two different
launch sites. Has nature trails and extensive
biking trails.
Views of the mountains to the west very pleasing to
see while
sailing. Lots of motorboats, jet skis and
sailboats. Really a zoo
on the week end in season
Aurora Reservoir: Located on prarie E. Of Denver. Also has its own web site.
Chris's pick of the metropolis. Totally bans
gasoline engines.
Has interesting back waters to explore. Peaceful.
Other than
sailors it is poplulated by fishermen using
electric trolling
motors. Site of my famous turtling. Day use area

Pueblo Reservoir: Approx 70 miles south of Denver. Very large body of water.
I still have not managed to explore the whole
thing. I once saw
a 65' Chris Craft cabin cruiser on this lake.
Has motor boats,
jet skiis, and more than enough room for
everyone. Also has a
major marina, and multiple launch sites. Pueblo
is lower than
Denver, hence the weather is milder. Lots of
canyons to
explore here! This water is from the dammed
Arkansas River.

b. In the mountains: The best three are Dillon Reservoir (in the heart of
ski country about 70 miles west of Denver just across the continental
divide), Lake Granby (actually has three lakes close together, one is the
second largest lake in the state, two are joined by a canal-located by the
west entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park) and Blue Mesa Reservoir
(outside Gunnison and the largest body of water in the state). These are all
less crowded, more beautiful, and have much better amenities (including boat
in camping and lake shore camping for boats). They are all in National
Forests. Use their web sites for futher info. Getting to these sites
involves crossing major mountain ranges including tunnels, passes, and
incredible grades. Tetra has been above 11,000 feet on many occasions. Do
not use a gutless tow vehicle! Temperature drops impressively at night in
the high country. Bring warm clothes!

This list is not meant to be completely comprehensive. There are many other
suitable locations. This is an arid region, many sites are man made. In
short, yes, Colorado is a beautiful place to Potter. I would strongly
recommend bringing your Potter with you to Denver. You will have memories
that you can always treasure. You will often run across other Potters and
will hear that same refrain our web bretheren often quote: "my what a cute
little boat!" I could sell Tetra about three times a week.

Hope this helps. I am always here to answer any questions re Pottering in

Chris Heidrich
P15 2153 Tetra
Aurora, CO