Rennovation Has Begun!

Perry W. Phillips (
Tue, 18 May 1999 19:38:12 -0500

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Well Potterers,

I've started the process of rennovating Frodo (1970 C Type). So far the hull
and deck appear sound, but the old hardware has given up the ghost.

Plans are to remove all of the old rigging and hardware, the portlights, the
wood trim and give her a good scrub with hull cleaner. I have worked with both
Interlux 2000 two part epoxy and Interlux Brightside one part epoxy in the past,
and I have settled on going with the Brightside again. It isn't quite as hard
and durable as the two part stuff, but several coats should yield the desired
results. I plan to use the standard Interlux high build primer on everything
below the hull/deck joint, and use the same above except for the molded in
non-skid areas, where I plan to use no sand primer. It should bond strongly
enough, and the results should be about as good as gelcoat in appearance. For
color, I thinking teal above the water line and below the deck joint, and white
with just a tint of teal for everything above the deck joint. Tristan Jones
wrote that the most calming color he had found for inside the cabin was light
green, so I may take the deck color below using something less expensive than
the Brightside.

I haven't made up my mind whether I want to replace the wood toerail with more
wood, or if I will use an off the shelf vinyl or aluminum solution. I've found
teak molding in long strips with a routed groove forming a sort of U shape that
would work nice, but the transom on Frodo sweeps quite a bit higher and with a
more drastic curve than on US built Potters. The teak is quite brittle and
would have to be steamed and bent to fit. I'm not sure I want to do that much
work. After all, I did buy Frodo to go sailing. Does anyone out there have
experience with the steaming proceedure? I've only read about it, but I'm
willing to try it if it doesn't prove too costly (in terms of teak destroyed...
expensive stuff).

You can check out Frodo before the project began at the following URL:

If anyone has done a complete rennovation like this one, I'd appreciate your
insights and especially if you've had experience with a British built Potter.


1970 C Type "Frodo" Un-numbered Hull
Port Arthur, Texas (Sabine Lake/Gulf of Mexico)

Perry W. Phillips
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