Re: Lake Tahoe Sail/Gathering/Weekend
Wed, 19 May 1999 18:44:00 EDT

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Hi, Frank,

I started writing this directly as a response to you, but felt that others
may like the information, so I am copying it to the list:

Glad you are joining us!

We will be launching at Tahoe Keys Marina. Camp Richardson is definitely an
option for you. There are some caveats: Last year, when I checked, Camp
Richardson was a little more expensive because they charged for launching and
separately for parking and/or camping. Also, at Camp Richardson, you have to
keep your boat on a buoy rather than at a dock, which is kind of
inconvenient. You either have to have a dingy or be willing to move your
boat every time you want to go to shore for a shower or meal or get together
with others.

At Tahoe Keys, parking is not perfect, but it is free. You would be able to
park the RV there. There is a long road entering the marina and they allow
you to park vehicles and trailers all along that road. I've never seen it
full. Tahoe Keys has boat slips where we can stay for the night before the
sail and they have bathrooms, showers and a very nice restaurant for us to be
able to get together the night before the sail. Strangely enough, the
restaurant is not open for breakfast, so Saturday morning you either eat on
your boat or go into town (several went together as a group) to get
breakfast. Personally, I enjoyed having breakfast on the boat at the slip,
although I did manage to drop the grill from my barbecue into the drink there
at the dock. That must be why they call it a poop deck. That's where poop

A few in our group disliked the launch ramp, but I was never clear as to what
the problem was. That could be that I'm used to minimal ramps around the
lake. You do have to paddle or motor in a very tight area to a slip so that
you can pull your vehicle out and park it.

I hope this helps. If, when we get close, you would like to call me to get
any updates or directions, please feel free to. My number is: (775)
831-2322. That number will be forwarded to a cell phone which I will have
with me at Tahoe Keys. I will try to be there, at the Keys, around noon on
the 13th of August. Most of the boats seem to arrive later in the afternoon.

All we will do on Friday is get the boats in the water, schmooze, lie, er I
mean, talk about our sailing misadventures, meet new Potterers, get ideas as
to how you can improve (read: spend more money on) your boat and get together
at the Tahoe Keys Restaurant, The Fresh Ketch, for dinner around 8PM. Many
start gathering at the bar much earlier. Although it is a very nice, and
somewhat pricey ($20+ for dinner) restaurant, the only dress code is that you
dress. Jeans and T-shirts are OK, although you would be appropriate wearing
a sport shirt and sweater as well. For the sail, prepare for everything.
August on Lake Tahoe can be very warm and you may feel comfortable in shorts
and sandals, or less, all day. The nights, and breezy afternoons, can be
quite cool. Sweats are perfect, both for a breezy afternoon and as extra
insulation to sleep in if it is a cool night. A decent sleeping bag (not the
light cotton kind from K-Mart) could make your night very comfortable and
cozy. A light jacket should be kept aboard. The beaches are kind of rocky
in places. You will probably want to take a walk in the forest which is
covered with pine needles and pine cones, so you may want a pair of tennies
or other walking shoes. Kodak moments abound. Bring a good supply of film.

We will probably sail from Tahoe Keys to Emerald Bay around 10 or 11 in the
morning on Saturday. There will be folks still arriving Saturday morning
that could not make it up Friday.

Last year the restaurant service was a little lacking, but that was our
fault. We had many more come to dinner than was expected and the restaurant
was not prepared. This year, hopefully, more will RSVP so that we can give
them a better idea as to how many we are.

Here's to a warm and breezy summer! (Old sailor's adage, and we do have a
few old sailors in the Potter Yachters: If it's not blowing, it sucks!)

P-15 Lollipop
N. Lake Tahoe, NV