Re: boom outhaul
Fri, 21 May 1999 10:10:27 EDT

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> I think someone might have solved a problem with the wooden thingy. By
> extending
> the boom he/she can pull the out haul more and flatten the main sail.
> Just the thing
> in heavy air. I keep looking at my boom wishing that I could flatten the
> main
> more. The loose footed main just looks like it is to loose. I think you
> have
> given me an idea. Will have to work on it some.
> What do you think, Judy?
> John Marotzke
> Ortonville, MI
> P-15 "Hooray" #1910


I had the same concern as you and tried several different methods of
attaching the clew of the sail to the boom, though I never tried adding a
piece at the end.. The method I like the best so far works like this:

An eyestrap ($3) is attached to the right hand _side_ of the boom at the very
end (top and bottom are already occupied, right?). On the opposite side
install a small cheekblock ($11) also at the very end. Install a small
clamcleat w/fairlead ($5) on the left hand side of the boom (same side as the
cheekblock, anyway) forward where it's easy to reach when seated in the

Tie a 3/16" Dacron line to the eystrap, thread it through the clew, back
through the cheek block and up to the clam cleat. Voila! A 2:1 purchase
outhaul easily adjusted while underway from the cockpit. Without sail slugs
installed, the foot of my sail can be pulled taught (too tight) with this

If you want to get really tricky, use two cheekblocks and a clam cleat on
either side of the boom, then you can adjust it easily no matter which tack
you are on - I didn't do this since my reefing tackle is already using the
real estate on the starboard side of the boom.

All of the above is shamelessly copied from a picture of a high performance

Dave Kautz
P-15 #1632 Tilly Lucy
Palo Alto, CA