Re: boom cover????? any extras? - ordering sails by mail/net/phone
Mon, 24 May 1999 10:16:19 EDT

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<< Potterers,
just rented a slip and am considering keeping my boom attached permamently
the mast.l currently have it stored in the cabin. Need a good used boom
cover.. or a cheap new one.
Any ideas about pros or cons on keping boom at the ready?
thanks,Rob Mitchell
P-19 644

For years, on every sailboat I ever owned, I've kept my mainsail attached to
boom and mast under a mainsal cover. I never had a problem with either
getting it stolen or it falling apart.

On my P19 I keep my mainsail attached to mast and boom and under a mainsail
cover. I makes it a lot easier to get on and go without a lotta fuzzing. I
do take my CDI furler foresails off due to FL sun and daily sooty rainfall.
Mfgr of genoa recommended I keep it off furler for summer due to constant
rains and threat of mildew build up. I can leave genoa on furler from
November thru April.

I would recommend any one ordering a sail thru the net or phone to specify
what they want on sail in writing. If you want grommets on clew you better
ask for them or you'll get nylon web straps. If you want luff tape to go all
the way to bottom of sail, specify so or it will be short a foot at top and
foot of sail. Lotta other weird shit gets done to sails if you are not
specific. My Cruising Direct genoa came with luff tape a foot too short,
straps instead of grommets, etc... I hope y'all get the picture...

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