Re: Solar Fry's untippable P-19! (or, the beginning of the P-19/P-15
Mon, 24 May 1999 14:41:14 EDT

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In a message dated 5/24/99 7:00:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time, SolarFry writes:

<< I can walk around and jump up an down on edge without flipping it on it's

Of course I have to lower the dgrbrd partially to get any kinda control
while motoring. But, I can still motor with just the tiller for control. I do
need dgrbrd down all the way to be able to sail... >>


I understand how pleased you are that you don't have to lower the daggerboard
for motoring on the P-19 (I didn't know that was the case). It is such a
hassle. You have to deal with that crank, the cable and the fear that if you
slam that daggerboard into a rock, you're dead meat. That's not to mention
having that beautiful daggerboard sticking up in your cabin while you motor

On the other hand, the swing keel on the P-15 can hit an obstruction, get
knocked back and drop back down with nary a scratch--just a scary "ker-blam!"
that has a tendency to make one a little more cautious. There's no elaborate
cable and crank, just pull it up and let 'er drop down. That's not to
mention that there's no more obstruction in the cabin whether the board's up
or down.

Granted, if I were able to leave my boat in the water all summer, I think I
might like the additional room of the P-19, but based on the fact that
Lollipop lives in a garage when not out sailing and I can rig it in 15 or 20
minutes, I'm glad I'm sailing a 15!

P-15 Lollipop
N. Lake Tahoe, NV