Re: New owner dumb question number 1

Gordon (
Mon, 24 May 1999 14:47:49 -0700

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That's good advice, Ted, and Stanley Smith said the same thing. However,
there's a big difference between the P15 and P19 with keels up. The P19
keel raises straight up, which puts the center of gravity high in the boat.
The P15 keel pivots so the CB weight is still low in the boat when

If the sail is up and there is a breeze, it is a good idea to have the P15
centerboard down, but on the P19 it is essential. In light air, I have
often pulled my P14 CB up, partly or fully, when on a run to get a little
more speed. If there are waves or wakes, however, the boat will roll
excessively with the CB up, negating any gain from the reduced underwater
drag. There is also the danger that I will forget the board is up and get
in trouble when I change headings or the wind rises.

My P14 doesn't feel tippy with the sails down and CB up. I can step aboard
without much concern for capsizing, and I feel safe motoring that way,
although I generally keep the board down for much improved steering and
directional stability.

Perhaps the newer P15s are less stable because of their taller masts and
lighter hulls. Both my gunter rig and lateen rig have a very short mast
when the upper yard is lowered.

I don't have any experience with P19s, but I would probably be a little
nervous anytime that heavy keel is hoisted high in the cabin. A big wake
could ruin your day, even with the sail down, I imagine.

Harry Gordon
P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

> Welcome New Potter Person,
>In answer to keel down or up when using O.B.Motor. It will always be safer
>to have the keel down any and all the time to prevent a sudden rollover.
>Their is knowledge of Potter19's who have gotten very wet with the keel up
>in a run with keel up. I think you should consider a Potter as a weighted
>keel cruiser and enjoy it, racing all Potter's as weighted cruisers only!
>Ted - Milwaukee WWPotter19 Hull #0940 "Sea Breeze"