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Tue, 25 May 1999 07:59:52 -0400

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Rye Gewalt wrote:

> I recently had a trailer that didn't have a
> serial number or title and went through pure hell getting it licensed.

Boy, have been there and done that; matter of fact, with my current trailer that
holds the trimaran.. Long Trailer Co. shipped out the wrong certificate of
origin with the trailer and me, thinking blissfully that it matched the trailer,
never checked the CofO against the trailer itself. So when I get to DMV to
register it and they begin to inspect it, the individual looking over my trailer
calls over another individual, and they ask me to step out of the car.. To make
a long story short, they initially thought the trailer was "hot" and were going
to question me about it, until I produced the receipt for purchase of the trailer
and told them to call the distributor I bought it from, which was a local
company. To my surprise, they did and only after talking with them would they
let me go, but I still didn't get my trailer registered.. It took 3 weeks of
hemming and hawwing over at Long Trailer Co. before they sent me the correct
CofO. Man, was I incensed that day... both at myself and with the company that
made the trailer..

They are really cracking down on this kind of stuff here in DE. Any boat that is
registered gets checked against a growing database of boats from several states
in this region. In addition, the trailers are THOROUGHLY inspected and if they
find fault, you won't register it until things are made right. Many boaters in
neighboring states try to register their boats in DE for tax benefit purposes - I
am not clear on what the benefit is, so don't ask. I remember reading something
of it in the local paper...

"Sea" ya!

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