It pays to Read and Heed
Wed, 26 May 1999 23:38:45 EDT

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I picked up my "new to me P-15" from storage at my fathers in Ohio and as I
was preparing it for the 400 mile trip to Chicago, I noticed a very nice
piece of braided nylon line in his garage. Remembering reading on this list
not to trust the winch to hold the boat on the trailer, I decided to do the
smart thing and beg the line from him and tie the boat forward and down. The
trip to the Chicago took eight hours and I noticed no violent bumps or other
problems on the trip. When I took the halve inch line off of the trailer I
noticed that the sharp metal of the trailer had dented and deeply marked the
line indicating it was under strain against the metal immediately under the
winch. On launching the boat the cause of these strain marks became evident.
The paw that is designed to click into place and prevent the winch from
releasing rope when pulled, functioned only as a noise maker. I am not sure
who posted the suggestion not to trust the winch, but thank you.

I read the recommendation to tape the pin retaining rings to prevent lines
and sails from pulling them out. Great idea, but if you do not tape them,
ensure that the pin is inserted so that the ring is on the side of the object
that has the least amount of running gear (lines, sails near it). On my boat
the rings are on the inside of the side stays.

Michael D. Campbell
P-15 #1683 "CAMPBELL's SLOOP"
Elmhurst, IL
Lake Michigan