Re: Close call (was RE: Shrouds)-Covering those nasty
Fri, 28 May 1999 15:29:13 EDT

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Greetings websters,

I posted a query on Brion Toss' rigging forum about the boots/tape issue.
Here is his reply. He more or less agrees with what my rigger says.

By the way, Brion also recommends using a blob of silicon on the ends of
clipped cotters pins to eliminate any need for tape on the pins in
turnbuckles. or tape. Or TIG wire bent into a "C" shape like I tried to
"draw" in my post three weeks ago.

Judy B

Posted by Brion Toss on May 27, 1999 at 22:23:02:

In Reply to: Turnbuckle boots vs tape? Shroud covers? posted by Judith
Blumhorst on May 26, 1999 at 17:42:15:

: Brion,

: What's your opinion of turnbuckle boots? Does one still need to use tape
with turnbuckle boots? What's your opinion of vinyl shroud covers?

: Thanks. Judy

: PS. Your board is a wonderful source of expert info. So is your book. Thank
you again!


And thank you for the kind words. Turnbuckle boots sure do look nice,
especially those custom leather ones with the zippers. And shroud covers, all
sleek and white, are marvelous to behold. Trouble is, on most boats they are
solutions desperately in search of a problem.
The boots are there to cover all the turnbuckle cotter pins. I believe that
the idea is that they are an improvement over wads of tape. But TIG rod and
siliconed cotters of the right length (in the book) work just as well, and
don't create a corrosion-encouraging micro-climate like a boot does. And
those shroud covers, which are there to ease chafe on the sheets, likewise
trap salt and heat. The kind that are really loose, and roll, work better,
and are better for the wire, but why is it exactly that those sheets are
rubbing so hard on the shrouds? Could there be a foul lead there? Or maybe a
little tardiness in letting go the lazy sheet? I like simple, and only go to
extra pieces when the rig clearly demands it.

Fair leads,
Brion Toss