Re: Center Board help
Sun, 1 Aug 1999 22:48:14 -0700

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Can someone help Al with this problem? The centerboard on my
first-generation P14 (1967) is almost certainly different from the one on a
1984, and I didn't measure mine. I suspect the CB didn't change much after
introduction of the Mk II in the late 70s, but I don't really know. Maybe
someone with a 1984 P15 knows the dimensions for Al's CB. My guess is that
a new CB from IM would work.

Dwyer Masts <> could make a P15 mast for you if
they have the info. I don't know how their price would compare, but they
are in Connecticut, so shipping should be less.

Sorry to hear about your accident, Al. Hope you'll tell us about it. We all
make mistakes, and sometimes we can learn from each other's.

P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

>Hello Harry:
> See your mail on the wwpotter list frequently. Have also
>seen the pics of your mude center board. Had a near serious accicent
>last week due to a carelessness problem, then the Coast Guard became
>involved and they involved a salvage company against my request.
> I am now in search of a center board and a mast. Contacted IM
>about replacing the mast. The $165 for the spare seems resonable,
>however they need an additional $200 to ship it. Also asked for the
>dimensions of a center board for a 1984 #1390 P-15. They said no info
>is available for that old a boat. Rats. I have the equipment,
>materials and resources to fabricate one myself but am looking for
>dimensions. Is it possible that you measured your center board while
>it was out of the boat?
> Have measured all the dimensions of the cavity in bottom of
>my boat and don't feel that all dimensions would be critical, very
>close seems more than adequate but would feel better having some
>guidelines to start building with.
> Any help, info or resources would be greatly appreciated.
> al shestag
> Easy OVER II
> North Coast of Ohio