Re: Confessions from this weekend of a Potterer

Eric Pederson (
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 12:33:52 -0500 (CDT)

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It has been rumored that said:
> writes:
> << I ran over my anchor yesterday. >>
> That made me laugh! Ya know, that's not why they call it "ground tackle"
> You have succeeded in making me feel a whole lot better about driving down
> the road without locking my hitch!
> It is becoming evident that as a trailer-sailor, we double our opportunity to
> do silly things. We can (will?) goof in the water, on the road and
> in-between!

So far this year, I have the anchor incident in the parking lot and two fun
ramp adventures.

The first ramp folly occurred while hauling out of Lake Superior. A big
tree limb had washed into the ramp are and was laying right alongside the
dock in the water. I didn't think it'd be a problem, but the guide post
grabbed it as Julie pulled forward. It was too slippery and heavy for me
to clear; three guys waiting to use the ramp jumped down and helped. The
branch bent the metal tab that the break light mounts on straight back.
I was able to straighten it by hand, thankfully.

Ramp folly #2 - yesterday we had to use the upstream lane of the ramp, which
is guarded by some overhanging tree branches. We had to maneuver a bit to
avoid them when we launched, but we missed them all. We had to use the same
lane hauling out. Of course, we both forget about the branches - Julie blasts
out beating the crap of them with our mast. The onlooking ramp critics
snickered, one commenting, "I remember a few years ago some sailboat did
that and brought down a huge branch on top of it." Thanks, guys. At least
the wind chicken looked to have survived.

Perhaps one of the ramp follies will credit me with not having to have an
on-water problem this season?

Eric L. Pederson
P-19 #970, Necessity
Bloomington, MN