Lake Tahoe Group Sail
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 15:44:50 EDT

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As we near our Lake Tahoe sail, there's quite a bit of information for you.

First of all, the good news. You can save $20 right off the bat. Now the
bad news: As I had suspected at this time of the year, Tahoe Keys Marina is
full. This doesn't mean that we will not have a slip Friday evening, and for
those arriving Thursday, Thursday evening, It just means it is going to be a
little less convenient.

At Tahoe Keys Marina they have what they call a carousel dock. I haven't
noticed it, but what it is, is a round dock with many slips that is not
connected to land. This means you need a dingy and/or are willing to take
your boat in and out of the slip to go to the showers, restaurant, etc. Last
year they wanted to put us on the carousel, but at the last moment with a lot
of cajoling and whining I was able to get all of us docks right behind the
marina facilities.

I just got a call from the owner of the marina and he informed me that their
slips are full for the entire week we are going to be there. I can
understand that if a guy is renting a slip for a week or two it is difficult
to boot him out for someone coming in for just one night. This means we get
the carousel.

I spoke with them this afternoon and we looked into some alternatives. Tahoe
Keys Marina will give you a slip on the Carousel for $20 per night. The
other alternative, and the one which I think I will opt for, is that we can
rig our boats at the entrance to the Marina Friday. We can then stay on our
boats on land at their parking area Friday night and launch first thing
Saturday morning. Then we can gather at the carousel before heading out into
the lake for Emerald Bay. Our dinner at the Fresh Ketch begins at 9PM
Friday. Those that like, which I would venture to say would be the majority
of the fleet, can gather at the bar which is a very nice bar overlooking the
marina, about 7PM or 8PM and imbibe until dinner. If we aren't sitting for
dinner until 9:00 PM it will be at least 10:00PM or later until you are
heading back to your boat and bed with thoughts of the next days sail dancing
in your collective brains (that's for those of us who have a collective

In a nutshell:

Thursday, August 12 and Friday, August 13, you have a choice to either stay
on your boat on land at no cost, or pay $20 and have a slip at the carousel
for the night. You can make up your mind when you get to the marina. You can
change your decision any time you like.

Saturday, August 14 we will begin launching as soon as you like. Right now
we have seventeen confirmed boats, the list follows. I imagine it's going to
take a few hours to get all of us in the water and ready to sail. There are
two side-by-side ramps and not many places to tie up while you park the car.
After launching and parking, you can putt over to the Carousel and relax in
the sun until all are in. If you don't want to wait and wish to just sail,
you can just meet us at Emerald Bay. It's not hard to find. Famous last

Side note for your preparation for the weekend: The restaurant, the Fresh
Ketch is not open for breakfast. Last year a few got together and drove the
mile or so down the road to eat in a coffee shop. Personally, I'd rather eat
on the boat and not have to look at any more cars and congestion for the
weekend. A bowl of cereal or some boiled eggs on the boat sounds a lot more
appealing than a "Grand Slam Breakfast." Again, your choice.

Now, here's the list. Following are the boats and crew who have indicated
they will be joining us. If your name isn't on the list and it should be, or
if it is on the list and you've changed your mind, please let me know. I'll
send an updated list before you all leave home. Don't leave home without it
:-) We are at a point where we have a pretty good count and all should be
just Hunky Dory (wasn't that the name of a Potter in our group a while ago?):


1. Frank Gibb ?
YKnot (P15 or P19?)

2. Bernie Johnson ?
Boat name and type unknown

3. Ron and Mona Reno 2
Bluebelle (P18)

4. Randy ?
Li'l Toot (P-15)

5. Jerry Barrilleaux ?
Sorry, Jerry, I forgot your boat name!

6. Judy and Mr. Judy B. 2
Redwing (Can't forget that one!)

7. Tony Way 2
Sweetpea (P-15)

8. Larry Steffen ?
Yuuki (P-18)

9. Bill and Kiyomi Payne 2.
Pilgrim (P-15)

10. Paul and Jackie Jones 2.
Keysha2 (P-15)

11. Bard Johnson 2
Passing Wind (P-19)

12. Frank and Reanne Gibb 2
#267 (P-14)

13. Greg Moore 2
Full Monty (Montgomery 17)

14. Dave Kautz 2
Tilly Lucy (P-15)

15. Eric Zilbert 1
Riptide (P-19)

16. John, Nancy and daughter Butte 3
Spiffy (P-19)

17. Geoff and Dillon (Cocker Spaniel) 2 (except one's a human)
Lollipop (P-15)

Again, folks, this is the first list. Send me corrections and I will send an
updated list.

Remember, before you leave home--latch the trailer hitch and pick up your
anchor off the ground!

P-15 Lollipop
N. Lake Tahoe, NV