Operating a P-15 from the cockpit

Jeff Goller (gollerj@home.com)
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 09:54:44 -0400

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Dear Fellow Potterers,

Well after my disastrous turtle episode June 6, my P-15 is all set and
ready to go out for its second(?) maiden voyage - I never got out of the
dock on the last trip before turtling the damn thing!

Anyway, after weeks of reading all of your E-mails, my confidence is
slowly being restored in the P-15's stability. If the weather
cooperates, I hope to be out this Sunday with some other Charlestonian
Potterers ( Scott F. and Sandy F. - The first Charleston Potter

I have conversed with a number of you by e-mail one on one and spoke
with the folks at international marine. I have also read EVERYTHING I
could get my hands on including Stanley Smith's account and analysis of
the Potter. What I learned is this:

1) Always keep the centerboard down (the P-15 is not really stable
without it)

2) Add weight to the bow (I installed an electrical system last week and
have an extra large deep cycle battery in the bow of the cabin as well
as a heavy anchor mounted on the bow pulpit

3) MOST IMPORTANT: Never go forward on this boat.
I have rigged a jib down haul, replaced my mast cleats with blocks and
installed new cleats further back on the cabin roof, so the main and jib
can be completely operated/raised/lowered without having to leave the

Now, here is my question for you all: There is one thing I can not
figure out how to do from the cockpit : Drop the anchor!

Assuming that I don't want to go forward to mess with the anchor, what
kind of thing-a-majigs can I rig from the cockpit to do the anchor
dropping, raising and securing. This one really has me over a barrel.
I have the anchor line running through the vent on the foredeck.

Any suggestions, photos drawings or references to old archives would be
most appreciated. In particular, I would love to hear how you solved
this problem, and how it has worked for you.


Jeff Goller
P-15 # 2068
"At Long Last"
Charleston, SC

"There are things a man will tell his bartender, that he would never
tell his physician..." Quoted from Dr. Mark Piper