Operating a P-15 from the cockpit - Anchor antics!

Thu, 5 Aug 1999 15:47:31 EDT

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In a message dated 8/5/99 11:53:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
Richard.Dickerson@TTMC.TTUHSC.EDU writes:

<< As can be seen by my earlier post, I am in total agreement with SF.
However, my anchor is stowed in a 2" piece of pipe lashed to the stern rail
(upside down of course). The rode is kept in a mesh bag with the bitter end
pushed through a hole and attached to a cleat. To deploy, simply drop. The
rode unflakes from the bag without tangling and you cleat it off at the
right length. Retrieval is simple as well, push the rode back into the bag.
The mesh allows the rode to dry without mildewing and keeps the cockpit


> ----------
> In a message dated 8/5/99 10:11:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> gollerj@home.com
> writes:
> << heavy anchor mounted on the bow pulpit >>
> And in an emergency you will drop everything, climb up on cabin top, skip
> over all lines (without getting caught) and run to bow to untie, untangle,
> wrangle and drop anchor while your motor races to burn itself lifted out
> of
> water by your weight on bow?
> Would it not be safer in floor by cockpit hatch where you can reach, grab
> and
> launch without leaving cockpit. There is no law that says you have to
> carry
> the anchor at bow location or bust a gut rushing up there to untie it so
> you
> can drop it...
> I have a P19 and keep the stupid thing (Danforth of course!) in cabin
> under
> cockpit near hatch. In an emergency I would not like to run fwd with sails
> up, tangle with jib sheets, fall overboard dangling head down from jib
> sheet
> while trying to launch the stupid anchor (prior experience) just because I
> was dumb enough to listen to a bunch of sailors that never use their
> anchors...
> It sure is a lot easier to reach inside cockpit pull dang thing out,
> untangle
> it and throw it out stern. Voila! no need to be a circus clown... Another
> way
> is to run line to bow roller and back to cabin. That way when you need the
> anchor it is close by (in cabin near hatch) and you can dump it over side
> and
> adjust line from stern (assuming it holds on first try...)
> Doing things the hard way must be a Potter thing...
> Hope you reconsider...
> Best wishes
> SF
In a message dated 8/5/99 1:04:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time, RSKARAM writes:

<< Dear Web Gang:
I think that an anchor hanging from the bow pulpit of a P-15 looks
noteworthy nautical and is worth every penny invested, from an aesthetic
point of view. In short, I think that they are just cute as hell.
As a practical matter, I keep my danforth knockoff anchor close to the
cockpit where I can use it.
Richard S. Karam
P-15 #2098 Oops
Oklahoma City

I shoulda noted that I keep anchor rode rolled up in one of those red
electrical extension cord storage thingies. It is not lying lose in the
cabin. I have it tied up to its end with an auxilliary cord to keep it from
falling off the rolled up thing. How do you describe those red roller
thingies? Anyway, the anchor sits on top of the thingie. I grab the anchor
and the red roller thingie with rode comes up with anchor. No chasing or
untangling of line. Er... Rode!

I am a believer in carrying anchor in cabin, near cockpit hatch, for prompt
use, after many "experiences" with bow mounted anchors. One of them being
dragged by my legs through the ocean after attempting to go fwd and drop
anchor in a 25' sailboat. That was my last "experience" with bow mounted
anchors. Now I refuse to go up there and be a clown for every bod else...

BS School of Marine Disasters <G>


A real Danforth lightweight anchor will hold it's own against any other
anchor. Including that weird, hard to stow, gelcoat bashing Bruce/Claw
anchor. In addition, it will weight half as much and hold twice as much.

I also remember falling overboard with rode tangled around my hand and 30lb
CQR headed for bottom of 30' of water... Nevermore.... Quoth the raven...

I'm off the pulpit <EBG>