Lake Tahoe Info.
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 16:59:26 EDT

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This weekend at Lake Tahoe is the Concours d' Elegance. This is one of the
premier boat shows of the nation. It is all antique, primarily Mahogany,
boats. This is always exciting. Many of the antique boat owners show up in
period clothing, very formal with the gentlemen in top hats and the ladies
with parasols. They will have picnic spreads on wicker tables and chairs in
their elegant coupes of yesteryear. One of the featured boats is the
"Thunderbird." The Thunderbird is a 60 foot Mahogany boat powered by two
Allison aircraft engines. It is not completely antique! Some of the other
interesting things I've seen are the old outboards that have been totally
refurbished. Some 30 and more years old. I'm not talking Seagulls here, but
old and beautiful Evinrudes and such.

Today is the first day of the show. Today it is snowing! I am going
tomorrow, hopefully. This is not the first time it's snowed in August, but
it is certainly amusing.

I hope that doesn't scare anyone headed up here too badly. Actually this is
good. If it's snowing now, there will probably be a high pressure area
moving in behind this weather to give us a pleasant, warm and wonderful
weekend next week. I am just really glad our plans where not for this

Next item: I got a call today from the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I had my boat
inspected a few weeks ago and mentioned our gathering. I suggested that it
might be cool for the Coast Guard Auxiliary to meet us during setup to offer
free safety inspections to those who would like them. They are going to meet
us at 5:00 PM during our setup time on Friday, August 13.

See ya' guys soon!

P-15 Lollipop
N. Lake Tahoe, NV