Re: P-15 not as stable as I thought?

J.J.Falkanger (
9 Aug 1999 09:28:19 -0700

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On Mon, 09 August 1999, "Cosens, Eric D" wrote:

> This is the first I've heard of the P-15's being unstable if you go up on
> the bow (actually the original note was sent last week sometime). Can they
> really be destabilized and even tip over by going up on the foredeck and
> getting "goofy"? What about with the P19's? I've been all over the
> topsides on my M-15 and there's no way I can do anything to tip it by just
> putting my body in the wrong spot. Of course, it's a combination stub
> keel/centerboard design (with 275# ballast in the keel) that draws 15" with
> the board up. Maybe this is just a trade off for a boat with beachable
> draft.
> Answers? Thoughts?

I can't speak to the 15, though I have a hard time believing you could tip it going forward, maybe if you tried really hard and had the keel loose?
I can speak for the 19, and it's quite stable. I climb all over that boat, whether sailing or not, single or not (I've actually lashed things down and let the boat sail itself while I sat in the bow pulpit, feet in the water), and never thought twice about it. You can tell the difference with the keel up vs. down, but it's the difference between a Cadillac and a Corvette-one's squishy, one's firm, but neither make you feel like you're in danger.

The M-15, by all accounts its a fine boat. It's all a trade off, it's probably got more ultimate stability with the heavier keel, less initial stability due to keel shape (don't know, never actually seen one)? You can't beach it, it probably is harder to get on/off the trailer on a shallow ramp. Bottom line, you can't get everything you want in a 15 foot boat (or really, any boat for that matter!). Both the P-15 and M-15 (and P-19) are great compromises.

J.J. Falkanger
Cary, NC
P-19# 792 "Fozzguppy"
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