Re: This weekend at Lake Tahoe
Mon, 9 Aug 1999 16:52:40 EDT

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> Geoff, Did I miss a post somewhere? I was wondering how many boats were
> going to show up, also what is the launch fee, Campground fees etc; I know
> about the dinner ,sounds fun. See ya there
> Dan Rickert First mate "THALES" wwp p-19 212 skipper Vagabond 14 dinghy #
> 316


I was going to try to repost the post that gave all the info you asked for,
but I have so much stuff now, I can't find it. It will be easier to just
tell you.

Right now, we have about 20 confirmed boats and 35 to 40 people. Dinner
Friday night will be $25.75 per each for a special buffet the Fresh Ketch is
preparing for us. Launching is $25 for in and out. It doesn't matter how
long you stay in, so if you wish you can stay longer at no additional charge.
A slip is $20 for the night. Since we are eating so late, you probably won't
be done until 11:00 PM or so, you may just decide to skip the slip and rig
and stay on your boat in the parking area. Then just launch Saturday Morning
before we sail for Emerald Bay. If you do decide to stay in a slip overnight,
they have designated a "carousel" slip for us. This is a floating dock with
individual slips away from the major hubbub of the marina.

At Emerald Bay, we will be staying at a boat-in campground that is maintained
by the US Forestry Dept. They have a $5 per night voluntary fee. I guess
it's not supposed to be voluntary, but you just put your fiver in an envelope
and leave it for them. That makes it pretty voluntary! Just don't tell them
I told you so!

At least the parking at the Marina is free!

There are no food facilities at Emerald Bay, other than Barbecues. You will
need to bring your own dinner for Saturday, wine for everybody :-) and your
Sunday breakfast.

If you or others have questions and you don't wish to wait for an E-mail
answer, call me: (775) 831-2322.

See ya!

P-15 Lollipop
N. Lake Tahoe, NV